Spiritual Art and Symbolics
as universal language

Energy pictures with symbols

Symbols speak to our subconscious and are deeply stored in our cellular memory. They are keys, with which one the energy of a term or a force can open up for themselves. Symbols can harmonize our energies and our forces bring full development again.

We can use it to changes in us (= inner growth) and for other reach (HELP) Is a symbol of something very sacred, it carries within itself the power of the Holy, So healing power. Symbols of this type also referred to as "Sacred Geometry".

In our icon images can be found:

Symbols of HL. Geometry (Flower of Life, Flower of Venus)
Sanskrit symbols (Chakren, Om)
Celtic symbols ( Celtic knot, Tree of life)
Symbols of Atlantis (Kryon-Crystls)
Symbols of the Light Language of the Elohim (Lightlanguage)
Chinese Symbols (Yin und Yang)

„Triquetra“ Celtic symbol, as part of a connected Christian trinitarian symbol.

  • Flower of the Venus
    Flower of the Venus
  • Flower of Life
    Flower of Life

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