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Energy images "Crystals from Atlantis"

What „Crystals from Atlantis” are?
„Crystals from Atlantis" are power-symbols of the new energy force, from purest light, from the time of the ancient Atlantis. After Atlantis had gone down, should the ancient knowledge, along with the crystals, are for the present time of mankind available.

These crystals can be used to support, in the manifestation of love, power, wealth, serenity, joy,...
We would like to thank at this point for their kind permission to use the crystals in http://www.shimaa.de
To enhance the visualization each symbol was placed on a matching background photo of us.


25x25cm, 40x40 digital printing, printing canvas on stretcher.

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This section is still under construction. Our team develops concepts for an attractive design and a high-quality execution.