Spiritual Art and Symbolics
as universal language

About us

After I had already been always happy to had painted and drew, I started at the end of my career to turn to the painting, with the desire, one day to be a spiritual artist. This desire in me was with the years more and more intensive, the more I am employed with the spiritual world.

I noticed that I intuitively perceive vibrations could other people, and thus were in my head the first images: energyimages, chakrenimages, soulimages, personal pictures of energy-crystals , using colors, forms and symbols be made visible, and find their expression as artistic digital-printing.

My biggest motivation is the joy in the faces of the people, if they receive "their Image" and meet their own inner source of power, love, beauty and happiness For me it is a special gift, this diversity and specificity with the help of the spiritual world to exercise. In this version to make visible and precision happens with a lot of enthusiasm through my son Gernot “Shogun”.

In deep gratitude all that accompanied me on my way.
Leonarda Myriel Lukabauer

Motto for life:
"It is becoming increasingly urgent, that we have the mentally and spiritual life, than the actual stable foundation to get and recognize as the true happiness and peace."
P. H. of the 14. Dalai Lama